Luxury Jersey was established in 2011 by engineer Federico Boselli as heir of his family textile culture Boselli, whose presence, passed down through their feminine side in the historical site of Garbagnate Monastero, dated back to the 16th century, when the production of silk began.
The business consists in the production of knitted fabrics of creative and high-level quality, intended for designers and prêt-à-porter brands, specifically operating in the luxury and high-end market.
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The strategy is based on creating unique fabrics, whose concept and development are followed directly by an internal team
by making the most out of a twenty-year experience in this field: the collection consists in items with a high creative content and technology, according to fashion trends and customer’s demands.
Luxury Jersey ‘s production is made with a chain of high quality and reliability exclusively Italian, starting from raw materials through the implementation of a special process to create fabrics, based on the concept of technological creativity.
Luxury Jersey is a company with an Italian capital that makes a rigorous Made in Italy, which helps to create, with the fashion leaders, “beautiful and well made" products.